I hack on stuff in my free time. Here is an extensive list of what I built over these years:


???? a tool for ???? ????


heapview heap viewer for Go heap dumps go
heaputil heap parser for Go heap dumps go
wasmninja micro serverless platform powered by WebAssembly go


pairpad collaborative text editor using CRDTs go
hashsearch reverse image search using perceptual hashes go
miniATC (WIP) miniature ATC simulator go, javascript
quackspeak text-to-speech using ducks. 🦆 javascript
ricecake lightweight CLI framework for Go apps. go, framework, CLI
difftective pixel-by-pixel visual difference detector go, CLI
notifiex notifications for elixir apps elixir


kagit gitops for kubernetes, made easy. go, kubernetes
blaezi lightweight smoke testing tool go
octopool fast, easy-to-use worker pool go
yakv key-value store with persistence go
typerena typing competition (play with your friends) react, javascript
absorb the CLI-based workspace (kanban, todos, ideas) python, CLI
annotate (failed) image annotation software (bounding boxes, etc.) d3.js, react, javascript


QuickShorts desktop app for displaying news desktop, python


football manager (failed) something like FM on Android android, kotlin, java


unnamed text editor Text editor built using Qt and Python 2.7 desktop, python